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Abuse is Wrong in Any Language

“Abuse is Wrong in Any Language” is a resource available through the Department of Justice Canada.  These PDF versions are available in the following languages:

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Dari
  • Korean
  • Punjabi
  • Russian
  • Somali
  • Spanish
  • Tamil
  • Urdu


Aftermath of Murder: Survivor Stories

These stories were produced in support of this past National Victims of Crime Week.  These videos are a multi-part video series featuring exclusive interviews with ordinary people who have experienced an extraordinary event, the devastating loss of a loved-one through murder.  This series goes “behind the headlines” as survivors share their stories about the loss, grief, trauma and hope for healing in the aftermath of murder.  Aftermath of Murder: Survivor Stores is a 7 part series with each episode featuring an exclusive interview.  These videos can be found at

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Canada’s Youth Diversity Initiative: Jer’s Vision

Working to eliminate bullying, homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of discrimination in school and youth communities, Jer’s Vision nationally recognized youth led organization strives to make a real difference in the communities they work in.  This is accomplished in part by:

  • Educational Programs;
  • Conferences and Professional Development;
  • Arts Programs;
  • Community Involvement;
  • and Supporting Youth Ideas.

For more information on Jer’s Vision and how they can help, visit

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Federal Income Support for Parents of Murdered or Missing Children

An income support grant is available for parents of murdered or missing children through the Government of Canada.  The grant is available to applicants who have suffered a loss of income from taking time away from work to cope with the death or disappearance of their child or children, as a result of a probable Criminal Code offence.

Visit Service Canada for more information on eligibility and how to apply.  Please note that the incident must have occurred on or after January 1, 2013 and is not retroactive for incidents prior to that date.


Financial Benefits for Victims of Crime

If you have suffered financial loss as a result of a crime, you may have the right to seek restitution from the offender.  Information about restitution and Request for Restitution forms are available from the police.  Once you have completed the form and established the amount of restitution you are seeking, return the form to the police as quickly as possible.

For more information and for links to the form click here.

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MADD Outreach Brochure

Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (MADD Canada) is a charitable, grassroots organization that is committed stopping impaired driving and supporting the victims/survivors of this violent crime.

MADD services resources extend from those who are directly involved in crashes caused by impaired drivers to families and friends who are trying to cope with loss or injury of loved ones.

More information on how MADD can help you is available in their Outreach Brochure, and on their website.


Making Plans: A Guide to Parental Arrangements After Separation or Divorce

If you’re a parent undergoing a separation or divorce, the Government of Canada’s Ministry of Justice has compiled a Making Plans Guide  for parental arrangements after separation or divorce, which helps you put your children first. This guide is for parents and contains helpful information about parenting after separation or divorce.  You can use this guide if you’re making parental arrangements under the Divorce Act.

“Parenting Arrangements”  are the arrangements parents make for the care of their children after a separation or divorce.  This includes arrangements about where the children will live, where they will go to school, their religious education, their medical care, their after school activities, and so on.

Parental Planning Tool: A Companion to Making Plans

The Parental Planning Tool is meant to act as a companion to Making Plans: A Guide to Parental Arrangements After Separation or Divorce.  It contains information and tools that will enable parents undergoing a divorce or separation to create a Parenting Plan.

A “Parenting Plan” is a written document that outlines how parents will raise their children after separation or divorce.  The parenting planning tool will give you some options to help you and the other parent develop a basic parenting plan.


Media: If the Media Calls – A Guide for Crime Victims and Survivors

The Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime (CRCVC) has been a leader in advocacy for victims and survivors of serious crime in Canada since 1993.  They believe victims of crime should be treated with courtesy, compassion and with respect for their dignity and privacy.

They offer assistance to victims and survivors by:

  • Helping them obtain needed services and resources;
  • Assisting them in their dealings with post-trial agencies;
  • and Offering long-term emotional support.

They also offer a guide for interaction with the media entitled “If the Media Calls: A Guide for Crime Victims and Survivors“, which provides victims with information about the focus of media; the impact of media on victims; the risks/benefits of speaking to the media; modern technology; tips for interacting with the media and high-profile cases.

For more information on how the Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime can help you, visit their webpage at


Myths and Facts of Sexual Assault

Sexual assault myths are stereotypical or false beliefs about sexual violence.  The Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres has compiled a list of Common Myths About Sexual Violence in addition to a fact sheet.

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Peace Bond

A peace bond is a criminal court order that sets our specific conditions to protect the safety of others or property.  It can be ordered where there is a reasonable fear that another person will cause personal injury to them or their family, will damage his/her property, or where there is a reasonable fear that another person will commit a sexual offence against them.  A peace bond may be issued under section 810 of the Criminal Code.

More information is provided here.


Powers of Attorney & Joint Bank Accounts: What Every Older Canadian Should Know

Many Canadians are concerned about how to manage their money, property, and finances as they age or as life changes take place.  They may worry about what will happen if they become unable to deal with their own finances.  It is a good idea to plan ahead for a time when you  may need help managing your affairs.

There are two tools often used for managing financial affairs: Power of Attorney and Joint Bank Accounts.

You should never feel pressured to sign a Power of Attorney or to open a Joint Bank Account.  Carefully consider all of your options before making any decisions.

To help you understand what a Power of Attorney and Joint Bank Account are, their associated advantages and risks and other information visit the Government of Canada’s Seniors’ Information site at


Protection Orders

The Protection Against Family Violence Act protects victims of family violence, including children and teams.  It holds abusive family members accountable for their actions, and ensures help for family members through the use of:

  • Emergency Protection Order (EPO),
  • Court of Queen’s Bench Protection Order.

For more information click here.

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Victims of Crime: Staying Informed

Under Canadian law victims of federal offenders are entitled to receive certain information about the person who harmed them.  This information is not provided automatically – a written request must be made to either the CSC or PBC via a process commonly referred to as registering.

To determine if you are eligible, and how to receive information visit the Canadian Governments Public Safety Canada page.


Victim Impact Statements

Victim Impact Statements Allow Your Voice to be Heard!

You can complete your statement and submit it for the judge to review and determine if your statement will be allowed to be read in court.  Victim Impact Statements are only read in court following a guilty verdict.

For more information click here.


Victim Services Directory

Created by the Canadian  Government’s Department of Justice, the Victim Services Directory consolidates much of the information and resources necessary for both the public and victims.

For more information click here.

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